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By the Students, for the Students

Founded in April of 2017, Pride for the Youth is a student led organization with a strong dedication to showing love to those who need it. Our primary focus is providing safe environments, networking opportunities, and contact information of counselors, churches, support groups, etc., to Lincoln Nebraska's LGBTQ+ and ally youth. Our other focuses are on the importance of volunteer work and the support of positive progressive movements (such as feminism and environmentalism).

Our Board Members

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Founder and President

 In my middle school years I became a born again Christian and ever since, God has convicted me to love those around me with the passion He wants all of us to hold in our hearts for each other. Being raised by Lesbian parents, I have always been aware of the struggles the LGBTQ+ community face, and through peers, I have learned that, identifying as LGBTQ+ and questioning the possibility, is often the hardest season of one's life. I believe God wants all of us to show support, especially to those in pain, and to love one another with all our hearts, that is why I founded and am driven to lead Pride for the Youth.

Oof! Why is there no body here?

Due to the dissolving of our board, we regretfully announce that Pride for the Youth is on hiatus until further notice. If you or anyone you know is interested in serving your community, click the contact button below. 


Pride for the Youth is incredibly eager to jump back into our mission of 'showing love and support to Nebraska's LGBTQ+ and ally youth', and we would love for you to accompany us along the way!

Please note that PFTY is a 'by the youth, for the youth' organization, to join the board you must be of high school or college age.

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